We offer integrated aging services and programs at our two senior centers including, wellness and education classes, job search advice and workshops, lunches, trips, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Visit the Senior Center Programs page to learn more.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Austin, Myra Senior Centers Administrator 919-245-2020  
Alvarez Gangloff, Jeanine Program Coordinator Assistant - Passmore Center 919-245-2014  
Amos, Zach Program Assistant / Facility Manager - Seymour Center 919-245-4252  
Brown, Latonya Wellness Coordinator 919-245-4270  
Burnett, James Lunch Site Manager 919-245-4257  
Crist, William Lunch Site Manager 919-245-2019  
Gale, Jerri Front Desk Manager 919-245-4267  
Jackson, Isabel Food Services Coordinator 919-245-4256  
Johnson, Aurora Front Desk Manager - Passmore Center 919-245-2015  
Meinert, Lisa Program Assistant / Facility Manager - Passmore Center 919-245-2016  
Oldenburg, Jan Front Desk Manager 919-245-2015  
Sims, Cydnee Seymour Center - Programs and Operations Manager 919-245-4250  
Smith, Virginia "Dawn" Passmore Center - Programs and Operations Manager 919-245-2021  
Zhou, Hong Community Liaison and Program Coordinator 919-245-4275