Healthy Homes, Healthy Communities: A Critical Conversation

The Orange County Building a Healthy Community Roundtable Discussion & Resource Fair is centered around the theme of "Healthy Homes, Healthy Communities: A Critical Conversation." This theme highlights the essential role that safe, affordable, and adequate housing plays in promoting overall community health and wellbeing. 

Through a collaborative and interactive roundtable discussion, community members, organizations, and leaders will engage in an open dialogue and exchange ideas about healthy homes as a pathway to health equity and overall community health. The event's focus on this theme aims to identify challenges and opportunities for promoting health equity and developing action steps to address health equity issues in Orange County.

Why Housing?

Housing plays a significant role in shaping the health outcomes of individuals and communities. Access to safe, affordable and adequate housing is essential for maintaining good health and wellbeing.

Housing inequalities can have a harmful impact on overall community health. For example, when people live in substandard or overcrowded housing, they may be exposed to environmental hazards such as lead, mold or poor air quality, which can increase the risk of respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

Housing insecurity, or the lack of stable and secure housing, can also have negative impacts on physical and mental health. People who experience housing insecurity may have difficulty accessing healthy food, medical care, and social support, which can exacerbate existing health problems and increase the risk of developing new health issues.

Housing inequities are often linked to other social determinants of health, such as income and education, which can create a cycle of disadvantage and poor health outcomes. For example, neighborhoods with lower quality housing may also have limited access to quality education, healthcare, and job opportunities, which can contribute to poor health outcomes for residents.

Housing is a critical component of overall community health, and addressing housing inequities is essential for promoting health equity and improving health outcomes for all members of our community.

  1. Roundtable Conversation

This roundtable discussion is intended to be a collaborative and interactive forum where participants engage in open dialogue and exchange ideas about healthy homes as a pathway to health equity and overall community health.

All participants will have an opportunity to sit together and contribute to the conversation in a supportive and inclusive manner. 

For the purpose and goals of the Building a Healthy Community Roundtable Discussion, we will invite participants to engage in small group discussion about topics related to the theme. Examples include:

  • How housing quality & conditions impact our health

  • How stable housing option support overall community health

  • New ideas for making housing more affordable for everyone

  • Ways communities can work together to make sure everyone has a healthy home and environment

  • The relationship between housing and education, and how one can impact the other

  • How the process of gentrification can lead to some people being forced out of their homes

  • The role of government policies in making sure people have access to healthy homes

  • The benefits of living in homes that are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient

  • The importance of involving everyone in finding solutions to housing problems in their community

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the housing situation of people and the need for long-term solutions to address housing and health inequalities

  • In addition, participants will be invited to hear from a few Orange County leaders as they share their insights around the specific topics impacting the roundtable theme and have an opportunity to engage in an open forum discussion.

We believe that by fostering this open dialogue and exchange of ideas, we can help generate new insights, perspectives and solutions to complex problems.