How To Help

There are some great ways to help even if you can't volunteer at the shelter!...

1.  Make simple toys! Use pet-friendly materials for our shelter pets. For example, cats like bright strips of ribbons looped over shower curtain rings and paper towel or toilet paper rolls cut into fun designs. Dogs like large, braided tug toys and snuffle mats!

2. Collect donations or raise funds for shelter animals!  Many people who can't volunteer at the shelter have had success raising funds or gathering donations (such as food and toys) for the animals. You can bake cookies (everyone loves a bake sale!) or make bracelets to sell to raise money. You can also team up with others to collect donations from neighborhoods, school groups, or anyone willing to donate. Please see this page for more information about donations needed at our shelter. 

3. Ingredients for enrichment treats! While we can't accept homemade treats from outside of our shelter, our staff and trained volunteers often make special treats for the animals. They can use things like peanut butter, canned pumpkin, canned applesauce, chicken broth, beef broth, soft treats, muffin tins, mixing bowls, and spatulas.

Snuffle mat fun!

Snuffle mat

Simple works! Check out these cat and small animal toys!

Cat and Small Animal Toys