The Orange County Solid Waste Management Department operates the Orange County Integrated Solid Waste Management facility which contains the Construction and Demolition Landfill, Regulated Material Recycling, and Mulch and Compost Sales. The Department also manages five Solid Waste and Recycling Centers, including two with Household Hazardous Waste and Food Waste drop-offs, and the County’s comprehensive Recycling Collection Programs for residential and commercial entities.


Earth Day 2021:  Recycle Right - Spring Cleaning Webinar

Interested in recycling properly and minimizing waste during your spring cleaning this month in honor of Earth Day?  OC’s Education & Outreach Coordinator, Kyra Levau, will teach you about recycling guidelines, what happens to your recycling, and how to utilize the specialty recycling programs at the Waste & Recycling Centers.

Various hard to recycle items such as electronics, household hazardous waste, rigid plastics, bulky items, scrap metal, clothing and shoes can be brought to Waste & Recycling Centers. By ensuring that you are correctly and safely recycling or donating unwanted items, you reduce waste sent to the landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable practices in your community.

Honor Earth Day and prepare for spring cleaning by attending this webinar!

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Shred-A-Thon Apr May 2021

Composting 101 Webinar

Did you know that 46% of all waste sent to landfills from Orange County could instead be composted? Residents can help divert waste from the landfills by composting! Register for the Composting 101 webinar where you will learn which items you can compost at home, the importance of composting, how to start composting in your backyard, and composting options available in Orange County.

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Solid Waste update on COVID-19 Virus Response

The Orange County Solid Waste Department is undertaking some very specific responses to assist with the efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For broader information on County services, see the County’s main web page: The changes below will be in effect until further notice. Please monitor the website for any updates.

  1. Curbside Recycling Collection 

Curbside Recycling will be collected as usual.  AS ALWAYS:  Keep out any tissues, paper toweling, bagged materials or other contaminants.

Curbside collection of 18 gallon recycling bins is suspended until further notice.  This is being done to minimize collectors’ contact with household recyclables.  Residents who wish to start using a blue roll cart instead of a bin can call 919-968-2788 or send an email to to request a 95 gallon cart.

If you wish to continue using your bins, you may recycle at any of the five Waste and Recycling Centers during operating hours or any of the four unstaffed recycling-only sites open 24/7 ( for locations).  Please monitor the website for any updates.

  1. Waste and Recycling Centers, Unstaffed Drop Off Sites and Landfill/Disposal Center

Most operations will continue as usual. 

Residents are encouraged to limit their use of the Waste and Recycling Centers to one time each week to support social distancing and the safety of the staff and residents using the sites.  In addition, residents should remain in their vehicles until the receptacle they need is free so as to allow residents to maintain six feet distance from others.

To discourage the spread of the virus the salvage sheds at all five waste and recycling centers will be closed until further notice.  

Staff will maintain a safe social distance.  Please remember to maintain a safe social distance from both staff and others visiting the sites. 

  1. Solid Waste Administrative Office

The Solid Waste Administrative office at 1207 Eubanks Road in Chapel Hill will be closed to the public until further notice. Sales of compost bins and kitchen buckets are suspended. The Fork It Over program is also suspended until further notice. Staff will continue to monitor and respond to your emails and phone calls. There may be some delays in responses to your queries but staff will reply as soon as possible.

  1. Other planned Solid Waste related activities

The March 21 Composting 101 workshop and the confidential paper Shred-A-Thons on April 25 and May 2 are postponed and will be rescheduled for later dates.  Please monitor the website for any updates.