Commuter Options Program

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Orange County Commuter Options (OCCO) helps you get to work without driving in alone, from public transportation to telework, we have you covered! 

Got questions about finding a better way to work? Orange County’s TDM Coordinator is available to help you find your best option.

Brandi Beeker, TDM Coordinator


March 18: Mental Health
Hear from Annie Schmidt, Director of the Wake National Alliance on Mental Illness, discuss the psychological distress caused by the pandemic, its impact, and how to create a supportive and mentally healthy work environment..

Past Sessions:
Cyber Security, July 28, 2020 | Ergonomics, December 10, 2020 | Return to the Worksite, November 2, 2020

The MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series is a quick 60 minute discussion with experts on topics you want to know more about. Join us for practical lessons to provide direct access to industry and technical experts. Have a question to ask? What better way to address it than in an open discussion with subject matter experts and your peers for the most productive 60 minutes of your day.


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Personalized Trip Planning 

We'll work with you one-on-one to find your best way to get where you need to be, whether that be by bus, carpool, vanpool, or biking/walking. Contact the Orange County TDM Coordinator, Brandi Beeker, 919-530-9137 to explore your commute options. 

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) 

If you or a family member gets sick or has a severe crisis on a day that you used a carpool, vanpool, or bike/walk to get to work, we'll send a taxi to pick you up. The ride is free, but you're responsible for tipping your driver.  

When you register for the ERH program, you will be able to schedule an Emergency Ride Home trip using a taxi. You may use the service twice in a given month, up to six times per calendar year. Full, detailed instructions for the service will be provided once you register. You must work for a registered employer to take more than one emergency ride home. Students do not qualify for this program. You will be responsible only for the taxi driver's tip.

To qualify for ERH, you must be a part- or full-time employee that works or lives in Durham, Orange, or Wake county and have shared a ride, taken the bus, bike, or walked to work on the day the ride is needed. In addition to getting you home if you or an immediate family member is sick, ERH can also be used if your carpool driver has to unexpectedly leave early or stay late, or you must work unscheduled overtime that causes you to miss your shared ride or bus trip home. Register for ERH by signing up at For full details, visit


Share the Ride NC (STRNC) is a statewide website that was created to help form carpools and vanpools. It is provided free of charge in support of the effort to improve air quality. In addition to providing rideshare matching services such as carpool and vanpool options, STRNC houses the free Emergency Ride Home program, the Commute Calendar tool, Single Trip Matching tool, and the GoPerks incentive program. Visit to learn more. 


Get rewarded for your Go! Track your trips by bus, bike, walk, carpool, or van to get points you can use for $5 gift cards and other cool prizes. Visit for details.