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34th Annual Pauli Murray Awards Nomination Form

  1. Nomination Deadline

    3:00 pm on Monday, January 30, 2024 

    Established in 1990, the Pauli Murray Award commemorates the life of the late Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray (1910-1985), a distinguished and remarkable person who confronted discrimination, racism, and sexism in her own life.  The Pauli Murray Award is presented annually by the Orange County Human Relations Commission to an Orange County youth, an Orange County adult, and an Orange County business that have served the community with distinction in the pursuit of equality, justice, and human rights for all residents.   

  2. Criteria for Awards/Criterios para premios

    Adult and Youth nominees must reside in Orange County, NC. Business nominees must operate or conduct business within Orange County.

  3. Individual Nominees (over 18):
    • Have a public record of promoting human rights, inclusion and/or equality in the Orange County community. This may include, but not be limited to, providing leadership in diffusing racial or other community tensions, promoting inclusion and/or equality in community activities and events, or advocating for members of a protected class; and
    • Have a history of involvement in the area of human relations in Orange County.
  4. Youth Nominees Must
    • Be a full-time student in grades 6-12 or a college student 18 years old or younger;
    • Demonstrate a concern for the rights of all people through acts that may include, but not be limited to, encouraging cultural understanding, or promoting human rights, inclusion or equality in a school or community setting; and
    • Exhibit leadership, citizenship and a positive attitude.
  5. Business Nominees Must
    • Demonstrate extraordinary efforts, going above and beyond the daily activities required to achieve their organizational mission to confront discrimination, racism, and sexism in Orange County, NC.
    • Encourage inclusion in the workforce and provide leadership and direction for the upward mobility for all employees;
    • Provide self-improvement opportunities for employees through such options as educational assistance, in-house training or employee assistance programs; and
    • Publicly promote and participate in activities and programs related to human relations affairs.
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  7. Nominee's Contact Information
  8. Youth Nominees Only
  9. Nominator's Contact Information
  10. Nomination
  11. Provide a Description of the achievements or contributions which make this person or business a candidate for the Pauli Murray Award. State how the person or business has made a difference in our community.

  12. If available, please provide documentation of person's or business's achievements, contributions, and/or difference made in our community. Media articles, commendations, photos, publications, etc. welcome.

    Please keep in mind that the materials you submit will likely be the primary and possibly the only materials the judges will use to make their decision.

  13. Reference

    Please provide at least one (1) reference with Name, Relationship to Nominee, Contact Information. This person should be capable and willing to verify achievements or contributions of the nominee. (e.g., school/organization employee, co-worker, officer, etc.)

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