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  1. PFAS - Potential Impurities In Drinking Water

    PFAS , or per- and polyflouroalkyl substances, are man-made chemicals that can be found in a variety of products. These chemicals play a hidden role in our daily lives: from fast-food packaging to cookware, paints to personal care products. PFAS can enter our environment - and, thus, our water supply - by industrial pollution and contamination. The Orange County Health Department is interested in whether PFAS has entered our local watersheds, and you can help! By opting into this survey, your well can provide useful information about the presence of these chemicals, educating future policy regarding yours and your neighbors' drinking water. 

    **Opting into this survey does not guarantee your well will be selected. Rather, by agreeing to participation, you grant permission for your well to be entered into a selection pool from which wells will be randomly chosen as testing sites. 

    **The purpose of this survey is to determine whether PFAS is prevalent in Orange County. Any tests performed will be unable to determine which PFAS (if any) are present, nor will be able to discern the quantity of particles.

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