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Environmental Health Septic & Well Permit Application


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  • Application Instructions

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    2. Orange County Environmental Health

      Septic and Well Application Instructions

      Please read before starting an application.   

      No Refunds.

      Due to the Onsite Wastewater Rules revision becoming effective on all applications January 1, 2024, applications for new Improvement Permits and Construction Authorizations completed and fees paid by midnight December 10th will be prioritized before December 31.  Applications submitted after December 10 may be delayed until January 2, 2024.

      Application: Complete with as much information as possible.  If you are applying for a Construction Authorization for a Repair to Septic, a Permit to Repair or properly Abandon the Well, or an Existing System Authorization to make changes to existing buildings or sites, please stop and apply on the Portal here. 

      Site Plan Drawn to Scale. The following items must be included: 

      • Existing and proposed property lines, easements, rights-of way, and buffers with measurements
      • Location of all proposed structures, driveways, additions, and other future improvements. Include dimensions of the structures and measurements to two (2) property lines (minimum). 
      • Known sources of contamination (e.g. septic drain fields, animal lots, fuel tanks, old wells, etc.)

      Example Site Plan

      Floor Plan (Construction Authorizations and Changes in Floor Plan) - not required for Well Permits or residential Improvement Permits; other conditions apply for commercial projects.

      Incomplete applications cannot be processed. 


    3. Preparing for the Soil/Site Evaluation or Site Visit

      • Verify that the email and phone submitted are the best ways to reach the applicant
      • Stake all proposed structures.
      • Mark property lines and corners clearly and ensure they are accessible. If property lines cannot be verified, it will be necessary for the property to be surveyed before a determination can be made.
      • Trim thick vegetation. The area may need to be "bush-hogged" or thinned out. Do not grade or excavate potential soil areas; it is possible to damage sites beyond use. 
    4. Failure to prepare the site may cause long delays in permitting, may result in a Notice of Incomplete Application, and/or result in a $50 re-inspection fee.