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Diversion Referral Form - Law Enforcement Officials

  1. UNC Student?
  2. Notified?
  3. Please check diversion program
    • To the best of my knowledge, this individual is eligible for diversion
    • I have attached a copy of the Incident Report
    • The referred individual has been given contact information for the Criminal Justice Resource Department
  4. I agree to have this matter referred to the above diversion program I understand that I may be arrested and/or charged and prosecuted for the offense(s) listed above if:
    • I fail to contact the Diversion Coordinator within 72 hours
    • I fail to complete my diversion program plan within the designated time
    • I am charged with any new offense prior to the successful completion of the plan
  5. Upload a copy of the Incident Summary

  6. *Note

    This Referral Form should be submitted, along with the Incident Summary, to your Law Enforcement Liaison ASAP and to the diversion coordinator within 48 hours of the incident.

    Once submitted, the Diversion Coordinator will receive a copy of the referral. However, you must submit a copy of the referral separately to the respective Law Enforcement Liaison.

    After submitting this form, you will be able to print/save a copy.

  7. Law Enforcement Liaisons

    Capt. Brian Whitehurst, Orange County Sheriff’s Office – OCPAD, Lantern Project and Mental Health Diversion


    Phone (919) 245-2916 

    Fax: (919) 732-6403

    Lt. Andre Richmond, Orange County Sheriff’s Office – Youth Deflection Program


    Phone: (919) 245-4030 x25040 

    Fax: (919) 245-6403

    Lt. Todd Harris, Chapel Hill Police Department


    Phone: (919) 968-2865 

    Fax: (919) 968-2846

    Inv. Erasmo Velázquez, Carrboro police Department


    Phone: (919) 918-7413 

    Fax: (919) 942-4473

    Lt. Charles White, Hillsborough Police Department


    Phone: (919) 296-9532 

    Fax: (919) 732-2187

    Tracy Perry, Public Safety Records Manager, UNC-CH Police Department


    Phone: (919) 966-4994 

    Fax: (919) 962-2572

    Kimberly Radewicz, Park Superintendent III, Eno River State Park


    Phone: (919)383-1686

    Fax: (919) 382-7378

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