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Diversion Referral Form - Court Stakeholders

  1. UNC Student?
  2. Please Check Diversion Program
  3. I agree to have this matter referred to the above diversion program and I understand that I may be charged and/or prosecuted for the offenses(s) listed above if:
    • I fail to contact the Diversion Coordinator within 72 hours
    • I fail to complete my diversion program plan within the designated time
    • I am charged with any offense prior to the successful completion of the diversion plan
  4. (If applicable)

  5. Lantern Project Diversion Coordinator

    Megan Pickard

    Phone: (336) 264-9084


  6. Mental Health Diversion Coordinator

    Ashley Machado

    Phone: (919) 268-5468


  7. OC-PAD Diversion Coordinator

    Desmond Frierson

    Office: (919) 245-2312

    Mobile: (336) 212-5883


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