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Share photos and vids!

  1. Share your photos and small videos of pets at OCAS! Please understand that we may not always be able to use the items submitted, and that could be for a variety of reasons (having nothing to do with how great they are). But we VERY MUCH appreciate anything that you are willing to send to us and you may see it up on Facebook, Instagram, or embedded in a pet's online listing!

    If you have a larger file (such as a video) please know that it may take a while for confirmation after you've hit the submit button. If you have a considerably large video, it may work better to send that as a separate submission all on its own. If this form gives you errors and you find it too difficult to submit this way, another option is to submit to this folder on a Google drive sometimes used for photos and videos (you'll need a Google account). If you add anything to that Google folder, please submit a comment here on this form so that we know to go check it. 

    You may also send photos or small videos in an email to

    If you use any cloud service (like iCloud from your Apple device) feel free to simply put a link to your cloud photos in the comments box. Just make sure others have permission to pull from the cloud.

    *please note - we are not able to publish photos or videos with children under 18 years old.


  2. Person Hugging Pet
  3. Please include the name of the pet in your comments!

  4. May we share submitted items on social media or embed them in a pet's online listing?*
  5. All humans in these photos/videos are over 18 years old and give their consent for the submission to be used on social media or in a pet's online listing. *

    (We are not able to publish photos/videos with children under 18 years old.)

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