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2022 Direct Care Worker Award Nomination Form

  1. ABOUT:

    The Orange County Department on Aging has partnered with the community group, Senior Health Advocacy and Resource Partners of Orange County (SHARP), to recognize Direct Care Workers serving clients in Orange County, NC. Direct care workers impact their client's lives on a daily basis and make a difference in our community. Nominate a deserving recipient today! Please see the Categories and Special Criteria below. Deadline to submit: June 15 - September 15.

    To be eligible, direct care workers must have served clients in Orange County within the past year. Each person may be nominated in two categories. Each nominee must: Provide direct care to clients as a primary function of their job. Have at least six consecutive months of service in the past year. Maintain & project a professional demeanor & exhibit dependability. Actively demonstrate pride in being a direct care worker and selflessly serve others in the course of their duties
    Awards will be given in following five categories with special attention to the criteria as noted:
  4. Client Impact
    Frequently recognized or praised for their efforts that make an impact on the quality of their clients’ lives.
  5. Longevity
    Has performed work as a caregiver each year for the last 10 or more years and plans to continue working in the field.
  6. Leadership
    Serves as a role model and demonstrates teamwork & willingness to help other direct care workers and staff.
  7. Going the Extra Mile
    Passionate about providing extraordinary care to their clients in ways that exceed expectations.
  8. Rising Star
    Has been a caregiver for less than three years and demonstrates enormous promise in the profession.
  9. If selected as an the Award Recipient the individual agrees to be represented in photographs and videos, as well as included in any and all public relations ads and media campaigns.
    The Direct Care Worker Award winners will be selected by representatives from Project EngAGE. Project EngAGE is a senior leadership program sponsored by Orange County Department on Aging. The SHARP Committee is comprised of professionals from senior care, healthcare and caregiving support organizations from the Greater Orange County community.
  11. Nomination Deadline:

    June 15 - September 15, 2022

  12. Recognition Ceremony:

    A hybrid recognition ceremony will be held for award winners on Thursday, November 3 from 4:30-6 pm. The ceremony will be in-person at Seymour Center (seating limited) and via live streaming.

    Please complete and submit the nomination form below:
  16. Does the nominee meet each criteria as described?*
  17. Only answer the following questions that correspond to the awards(s) that you have just selected your nominee to be considered for. Please limit your response to about 160 words per category.
  18. Give an example of changes in a client's environment, care or other areas and how they have impacted the client's life.
  19. Why do you think this person has remained in their position for so long?
  20. Give examples of times when the direct care worker has acted as a role model, demonstrated teamwork and/or what the caregiver has done that was helpful to other caregivers.
  21. Give examples of what the direct care worker has done to demonstrate extraordinary care that exceeds expectations.
  22. Give examples of why you think this person has enormous promise in the profession.
  23. Thank you!
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