My home is far off the main road – what can I do?

Lumos will provide a “service drop” (the fiber optic cable that connects the customer’s premises to the nearest terminal on the street) up to 1,000 feet at no additional cost to the customer. For customers with long driveways and homes with extended setbacks from public rights-of-way, a Lumos engineer will review and determine if any additional charges apply for service drops greater than 1,000 feet.

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1. Now that Phase I has been announced, what happens next?
2. How long will it take to build out the network, and when will services be available?
3. Will Lumos offer a low-cost option?
4. I live on a private road – what can I do to get service?
5. I want to sign up. What do I do?
6. My home is far off the main road – what can I do?
7. What kinds of service options are available, and what is the cost?
8. Why did Orange County decide Broadband was a priority?
9. Why did Orange County choose to partner with Lumos?
10. How is Orange County paying for its share?
11. What will Lumos do?