Health Education   

Health Education...Making the Health Connection

"The focus of health education is on people and action. In general, its aims are to encourage people to adopt and sustain healthful life patterns, to use judiciously and wisely the health services available to them, and to make their own decisions, both individually and collectively, to improve their health status and environment." - World Health Organization

Mission Statement

Health Promotion and Education Services is a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals who educate, facilitate, advocate and collaborate to motivate all members of the Orange County community to achieve safe and healthy lifestyles.

Health Education EmployeesCommon Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assessment and data collection
  • Communication of health information
  • Community engagement and collaboration
  • Counseling and consultation
  • Liaison to task force and coalitions
  • Media facilitation
  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Resource development and grant writing
  • Social marketing
  • Staff development and training

Current Programs

Health Promotion and Education Services Team

Marcy Williams, MPH - Director, Health Promotion and Education Services
Rita Krosner, MSW - Tobacco Prevention and Control Coordinator
Ashley  Rawlinson, MPH - Public Health Manager/Healthy Carolinians Coordinator