Non-Residential Zoning Compliance Permit Application SPR23-0005 (Orange Water and Sewer Authority)

Approval Type:Staff approval
Parcel ID Number (PIN):9749-14-0294
Location:Northeast quadrant of intersection of Orange Grove Road and NC 54 W
Acreage:Parcel acreage: 56.65 acres
Project acreage: 6 acres
Zoning District:R1, Rural Residential
Watershed:Haw River Unprotected
Request:To develop a solid waste convenience center to be managed by Orange County Solid Waste Management. 
Review Timeline: Neighborhood Information Meeting (NIM): August 25 and August 29 at 6:30 pm - American Legion Post 6, 3700 NC 54 W, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Additional Information:A complete application has not yet been submitted. In accordance with Section 2.24.1 of the Orange County Unified Development Ordinance, a Neighborhood Information Meeting is to be held prior to the submittal of a site plan application. Additional project information, including a site plan is available here:
Staff Contact:Taylor Perschau, Current Planning and Zoning Supervisor
919-245-2597 or