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Zoning Atlas Amendment Rezoning Application – Conditional District MA22-0005 (Davis)
Approval Type:Public Hearing - BOCC Approval
Parcel ID Number:9749-40-2351
Location:Intersection of White Cross Road & NC Hwy 54 W
Acreage:4.83 acres
Zoning District:Agricultural Residential (AR) & Neighborhood Commercial (NC-2)
Watershed:Haw River Unprotected Watershed
Request:To rezone parcel to Non-Residential Conditional District (NR-CD) for the purposes of a retail store. 
Review Timeline:Neighborhood Information Meeting (NIM):February 13, 2023 

Planning Board Review and Recommendation:
March 1, 2023

BOCC Public Hearing:TBD
Staff Contact: Brian Collie, Planner II or 919-245-2599
Additional Application Information 

Minor Flexible Subdivision SUB22-0042 (Fox Hill Farms)
Approval Type:Staff approval
Parcel ID Number (PIN):9885-53-1834
Location:St, Mary's Road and New Sharon Church Road
Acreage:57.76 acres
Zoning District:AR, Agricultural Residential
Watershed:Lower Eno Protected
Request:Proposed 10 lot minor flexible subdivision.
Review Timeline:Neighborhood Information Meeting (NIM):September, 8, 2022
Staff Contact: Tyler Sliger, Planner II or 919-245-2586

Minor Flexible Subdivision SUB22-0028 (Childress)
Approval Type:Staff approval
Parcel ID Number (PIN):9787-42-0000 and 9787-32-6186
Location:Old Lystra Road
Township:Chapel Hill
Acreage:13.2 acres
Zoning District:RB, Rural Buffer
Watershed:Jordan Lake Protected
Request:Proposed 6 lot minor flexible subdivision, 
Review Timeline:Neighborhood Information Meeting (NIM):July 14, 2022
Staff Contact:Tyler Sliger, Planner II or 919-245-2586