Training & Continuing Education

OCEMS follows the National Registry of EMT and NCOEMS standards for training hours. We hold trainings from 8am-5pm most Tuesdays at DTCC – Orange County Campus. We train in person 8 months out of the year, 2 months are online trainings, and have July and December off for vacation time. 

We also offer Leadership Professional Development twice a year in person and twice a year online. 

EMS Training utilizes Vector Solutions as the learning management system and NEOGov Learn.

  1. Chasidy Kearns

    EMS Training Coordinator

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The OCES –EMS Division has two phases of field training. The “Phase 1” process presents a structured program for transitioning new employees in to the EMS division. It is designed and constructed to provide both the employee and the agency with the greatest possible chance of success, by providing a framework that assures employees understand, develop, and can demonstrate the skills and behaviors that OCES considers essential. All employees go through the Phase 1 process. For EMTs this is the only process the employee needs to complete for independent release to practice. Paramedic employees move to “Phase 2” upon completion. See the chart below for what this process looks like.

EMS Training