Community Paramedicine

The community paramedics division aims to keep Orange County residents safe through means of preventative programs, education and outreach. Internal and external referrals for available programs are accepted. 

Please utilize our public education request form here if you would like to request training from our team on topics such as CPR, naloxone use, fall prevention or first aid. 

For all other inquiries related to public outreach from our team, please call or send us an email.

For more information on any of the programs listed below, contact Landon Weaver at 919-245-6127 or email at 

  1. Landon Weaver

    Community Paramedic Coordinator

  1. Andrew Ovenden

    Community Paramedic

Stay Up and Active

The Stay Up and Active program, in partnership with the Orange County Department on Aging, offers home assessments, education and resource navigation for individuals aged 55+ who have experienced, or are at risk of falls. Home visits are offered free of charge for any individual aged 55+ who has a previous fall or is worried about falling.

Naloxone and Syringe Exchange

Naloxone (NARCAN), clean syringes and resource information are available at no cost to residents of Orange County. If needed, our community paramedic team will happily come to you to deliver these items and will never require and personal information about you.

If you are interested in this service, please reach out to the contacts listed at the top of this page, or text us directly at 919-441-2659

More Treatment Providers in the area:

Freedom House919-942-2803Freedom House Website
Hillsborough Recovery Solutions919-643-1739Hillsborough Recovery Solutions Website
UNC STAR984-974-6320UNC STAR Website
UNC Horizons919-966-9803UNC Horizons Website

DNR Bracelets

The no-cost DNR bracelet program helps ensure your wishes are honored by creating a digital copy of your DNR and/or MOST form and placing it on a silicone USB bracelet that can be confirmed by first responders within the county.

If you are interested in this service, please reach out to the contacts listed at the top of this page

File of Life

Intended for your refrigerator, the no-cost File of Life magnet documents critical information for first responders, such as allergies, medical history, contact information, etc.

Premise Alerts

A Premise Alert is a way we can store and convey critical information to responders in the event of an emergency at a specific address. We typically accept a Premise Alert for special situations, a few examples being a non-verbal resident, or perhaps a resident with limited mobility. We can add key holders, or family contacts, medication and/or medical condition lists, hidden key or door code information, or even directions if the residence is hard to find. For more information on whether or not a Premise Alert would be beneficial for your situation, please contact Darren Strickland at