Found Pets

Reporting a Found Pet

If you have found an animal in Orange County, it is a legal requirement in Orange County that you report it within 72 hours. Please fill out the appropriate form below so that a potential owner may find him or her. Please include photos if possible (horizontal photos preferred). Also, please have the pet scanned for a microchip. Most veterinary clinics will scan a found pet for a microchip.

Has someone reported the pet you found as a lost pet?

Please check our database listings for lost pets. These must be entered manually. So, listings for lost pets may not appear here as quickly as they appear in the Petharbor database links listed in the next section below:

If you have found a pet, check PetHarbor's public database for reported lost pets:

If you have questions or need assistance filing a lost or found report, contact us at 919-942-7387, option 2. Please leave a message if the staff is not able to answer right away, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Help animals find their owners