Glass On The Side Program

The Glass On The Side (GOTS) Program is available at all Waste and Recycling Centers and 24-hr drop off sites. Orange County started this program because separate glass collection results in savings and efficiencies. When the glass is separated, the Countglass dumpster 2y receives $20/ton from a glass processor in Wilson, NC. This glass is recycled and made into more glass bottles/jars, fiberglass insulation, sand blasting media and reflective paint beads, mainly made here in NC!

 Please ONLY put glass bottle and jars in to the specially marked containers. Lids and labels do not have to be removed. Please empty and rinse the glass prior to recycling. Remember- no bags! If you decide to bring your glass recycling in a paper or plastic bag, empty the contents of the bag into the dumpster and dispose of the bag appropriately. Paper bags can be recycled with mixed recycling, plastic bags must be recycled separately with plastic film recycling at grocery stores or waste and recycling centers. Only recycle glass bottles and jars. NO cookware, light bulbs, mirrors, windows, drinking glasses or ceramics are accepted.

You can still recycle your glass curbside in your blue cart at home. Orange County does not advise making special trips to the recycling centers just to recycle separated glass. If you are already heading to a recycling center or will be nearby then please bring your glass with pic