Classes and Trips


  • Bus Riding Class 101
    Make your life better by traveling on public buses. Find out where the public buses go, where to get schedules and what the buses cost to ride. Also learn about door to door transportation, eligibility, and how to sign up for services
  • Bus Travel Training
    Have you ever wondered where the bus goes that stops near your home? Here are opportunities to join a group and ride the bus. Not only will you learn the bus route first hand but you will become familiar with bus riding in general
  • Transportation Workshops
    Learn more about transportation through hands-on education with community experts


  • Join the Transportation Senior Resource Team (SRT)

Passionate about public transportation! Participate in our SRT to enhance the overall well-being of Orange County seniors through meaningful education and advocacy around driving alternatives.

  • Become a Volunteer Driver
    Help an older adult, be a volunteer driver! Providing transportation helps connect older adults to beneficial services and organizations
  • For more information, call transportation specialist, Brandi Beeker at 919-717-1853 or email to Brandi Beeker