Fit Feet Program

How Fit Feet Can Help You

You might be having a difficult time taking care of your feet and trimming your toenails. If your not as mobile as you used to be, or you have poor eyesight it can make it harder to take care of your feet. The Fit Feet program can help keep your feet in better condition with a foot health assessment and nail trimming service.

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What should you do to take care of your feet or nails while the Fit Feet Clinic is closed? What constitutes a foot care emergency? If you are new to the Fit Feet program what can you do while you wait to be seen? These are just a few of the questions that people might be asking themselves. This information is a brief attempt to address these concerns.

  • There are several things for you can do to take care of your feet while waiting for your next appointment. This might include applying lotion or using anti-fungal medication. Daily application of lotion helps to limit callous formation. If you have toenail fungus it is important to apply topical medication daily as directed. Your home care is essential to successful treatment.

Over-the-counter Treatments for Toenail Fungus
Janice Galloway, RN – Fit Feet Nurse, Orange County Department on Aging

  • Conditions such as diabetes can cause loss of sensation, i.e. peripheral neuropathy, so that you might cut yourself if you if you tried to cut your own nails. For this reason we recommend using a nail file to smooth the rough edges of the nails on a weekly basis.

Foot Care Tips for Patients with Diabetes
Linda Textoris, RN – Fit Feet Nurse, Orange County Department on Aging

If you have a problem that requires immediate attention you should call a local podiatrist or go to an urgent care facility. Examples of foot care emergencies might be; a) signs of infection such as redness, pain or drainage b) a broken toe c) painful ingrown toenail.

If you are waiting to sign up for the Fit Feet Program there are some things you can do in advance. You can find information about the program on the website. You will need to get written permission from your doctor to be seen at the Fit Feet Clinic. You can download a permission sheet to send to your doctor and ask him to fax it back to the Senior Center. This will expedite setting up the initial appointment once the clinic reopens.