Article 43

In August 2009, the NC General Assembly ratified the Congestion Relief and Intermodal Transport Fund Act, allowing Orange, Durham and Wake Counties to generate new revenue for public transportation. These revenues include a one-half cent sales tax (Article 43 sales tax) that can be levied in each county if approved by public referendum. Voters in Orange County approved the referendum on Nov. 6, 2012, by a 59-41 margin.

A regional transportation public authority, known today as Go Triangle, was created to help administer these revenues and work on public transit service projects involving all three counties. The Orange County Bus and Rail Investment Plan was created to help expand transit services in Orange County in particular. 

The revenues from Article 43 are allocated by the North Carolina Department of Revenue to GoTriangle, which then allocates a portion of that money to Orange County through reimbursements for projects that either offer new public transit services or expand existing ones.

*Note: Article 43 is accounted for as a part of intergovernmental revenues rather than sales tax on the County’s General Ledger.