Staff Directory


Division Telephone Staff Title
Building Inspections 919-245-2604 
919-316-9268 (cell)
Michael Rettie Chief Building Official

  919-245-2607 Jennifer Geda Central Permit Manager
  919-245-2619 Emily Satterfield Property Development Specialist I
  919-245-2612 Jocelyn Gentry Property Development Specialist
  919-245-2616 Kaitlin Baker Property Development Specialist
  919-245-2601 Linda Pulley Property Development Technician
  919-245-2618 Cynthia Dunnagan Property Development Technician
  919-245-2590 Kay Johnson Property Development Coordinator

919-883-7944 (cell)
Christopher Wiggins Plans Examiner
Field Inspectors 919-245-2617
919-883-7947 (cell)
Robert Alcorn Chief Inspector & Plans Examiner II
919-883-7949 (cell)
Nicholas Perry Building Safety Official
919-257-1685 (cell)
Mark Dunlap Building Safety Official
919-943-5545 (cell)
Keith Barnhouse Building Safety Offfical
919-932-0567 (cell)
Gregg Lassiter Building Safety Official
  919-245-2610 Roberto Arguijo Building Safety Official 
  919-245-2483 Jessica Gentry Building Safety Official
  919-245-2606 Teague Wagner Building Safety Official


Division                                     Telephone            Staff                                       Title
Development Services 919-245-2577 Patrick Mallett Deputy Director - Development Services Division
Current Planning & Zoning 919-245-2597 Taylor Perschau Current Planning & Zoning Supervisor
  919-245-2589 Ashley Moncado Planner III
  919-245-2599 Brian Collie Planner II
  919-245-2598 Lauren Coffey Planning Technician
Erosion Control,
Stormwater & Engineering
919-245-2588 Steve Kaltenbach

Erosion Control and Stormwater Supervisor
  919-245-2583 Christopher J. Sandt, P.E. County Engineer
  919-245-2584 Kenneth Owens Erosion Control Officer II
  919-245-2580 Erosion Control Officer II
  919-245-2587 Chase Ellis Erosion Control Officer I
  919-245-2582 Tyler Sliger Erosion Control Officer I
Long Range Planning & 
Administrative Division
919-245-2578 Perdita Holtz Deputy Director - Long Range Planning & 
Administrative Division

Tom Altieri  Senior Planner - Long Range Planning &
Administrative Division
  919-245-2595 Brian Carson GIS Technician III


Division Telephone Staff Title
Administration 919-245-2585 Cy Stober Planning and Inspections Director
  919-245-2585 Elaina Cheek Business Officer I
  919-245-2571 Vacant Administrative Support I