Erosion Control

When a Permit Is Required

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Erosion Control Plan

In general, whenever clearing and grading will exceed 20,000 square feet (roughly 1/2 acre) an Erosion Control Plan must be submitted for approval; and a land disturbance permit must be obtained before any land disturbing activity begins (including timbering, demolition, clearing, or grading, etc.). However, if the site is within either the University Lake, Cane Creek, or Upper Eno watersheds (Erosion Control and Stormwater Requirements For Land Disturbance Activities FAQs (PDF)), a permit is required for any grading exceeding 10,000 square feet (approximately 1/4 acre) and may be required for any disturbance depending on site specific factors. A waiver may be issued by the Erosion Control Division for land disturbances of less than 10,000 square feet.

Erosion Control Permit Application Form

The Erosion Control Permit application form (PDF) must be included with the plan submittal. The application form consists of two parts:

  1. Applications for Erosion Control Plan Approval and Land Disturbance Permit
  2. Statement of Ownership and Financial Responsibility

Exempt Activities

Bona fide agricultural, forestry, and mining are exempt activities (see Section 6.15 of the Orange County Unified Development Ordinance). These activities are regulated under state and federal authority. View Forestry, Bona Fide Farm, and Development Clearing Information (PDF).