See Local Art at the Library

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"At a time in which both libraries and arts organizations are often having to do more with less, it makes sense for these two parts of our culture to support each other." Library as Incubator Project

Throughout the year, we display work by local artists at the Main Library in downtown Hillsborough. We can often accommodate more than one artist or group of artists. For additional information contact Libbie Hough, communications manager.

2018 Calendar 

  • January - February, 2018: Mike's Art Truck and Free Spirit Freedom
  • March 2 - 15, 2018: Orange High School, AP Art Students
  • March 18 - April 9, 2018: Cedar Ridge High School, IB Students
  • May 2 - 29, 2018: Orange County Schools, District Art Show
  • June - July 2018: Miriam Sagasti, 
  • June - August 2018 Shannon Fitzgerald, 
  • September 2018: Photography Contest Winners, Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation.
  • October 2018: Art in honor of Disability Employment Awareness Month, work from clients at Orange Enterprises.
  • November-December 2018: Subha Raghu,


Art at the Carrboro Branch Library

The library is honored to have the Friends of the Carrboro Branch Library support this artist-operated program in the southern part of the county. Through this vibrant partnership, we have displayed the work of over 1,650 local artists over the past 17 years. For more information about art in the Carrboro Branch Library, please contact Nerys Levy.