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Orange County Mission Statement

Orange County exists to provide governmental services requested by our residents or mandated by the State of North Carolina. To provide these quality services efficiently, we must:

  • Serve the Citizens of Orange County - Our Citizens Come First.

  • Depend on the energy, skills and dedication of all our employees and volunteers.

  • Treat all our Citizens and all our Employees with fairness, respect, and understanding.

Orange County Citizens Come First.


Board of Commissioners Goals

  • Goal 1: Ensure a community network of basic human services and infrastructure that maintains, protects, and promotes the well-being of all county residents.
  • Goal 2: Promote an interactive and engaging system of governance that reflects community values.
  • Goal 3: Implement planning and economic development policies which create a balanced, dynamic local economy, and which promote diversity, sustainable growth, and enhanced revenue while embracing community values.
  • Goal 4: Invest in quality County facilities, a diverse work force, and technology to achieve a high performing County government.
  • Goal 5: Create, preserve, and protect a natural environment that includes clean water, clean air, wildlife, important natural lands, and sustainable energy for present and future generations.
  • Goal 6: Ensure a high quality of life and lifelong learning that champions diversity, education at all levels, libraries, parks, recreation, and animal welfare.