Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Orange County Community Giving Fund?
It is an encompassing fund for Orange County government, so donations can be given to support any department or County-sponsored activity. All gifts are tax deductible and used for the purpose for which they are given and acknowledged as such. Additionally, this fund is a framework for receiving a variety of donations, which are managed by SunTrust Bank.
Will Donations Made to the Fund Replace Money in the County's Annual Budget?
No. Orange County welcomes the public and its residents to make charitable donations and gifts to support favored efforts and County-sponsored activities. These gifts would help Orange County to carry out many of its vital services as a supplement to the County's General Fund and annual budget.
What County-Sponsored Projects can I Support with my Donations?
Programs range from the Frail Elderly Fund, Spay/Neuter Program for Pets, Newborn/Parental Training and Safety Support, Tobacco Use Prevention/Smoking Cessation, Job Partners – Homelessness Initiative, Parks and Recreation Equipment and Amenities. Donations may also be made to other County projects, programs and services, such as the Arts Commission and Veterans Memorial.
You can view all the available giving opportunities prior to making your donation.
How Does the Fund Receive Donations?
The Orange County Community Giving Fund accepts donations online either on our Web site by clicking the 'Make a Donation' link or checks can be mailed to: 
Orange County Finance & Administrative Services
200 S. Cameron Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278
What Types of Donations can be Made to the Fund?
To make giving as convenient as possible the following gifts are all accepted:
- Online Payments can be made via Debit or Credit for both MasterCard, Visa and E-Check.  
Detailed information about donations made in the memory of or in honor of a particular person should be sent to
Are the Donations Made to the Fund Tax Deductible?
Yes. When you make a gift, you receive the full tax advantages available by law for gifts to public charities. Donors are able to avoid capital gains tax for gifts of appreciated assets, and donors’ estate tax liability may be reduced. SunTrust Bank will provide a receipt to substantiate your charitable income tax deduction in the year the gift is made in accordance with IRS rules.
The “Payment History” tab within the SunTrust Bank donation portal offers donors the ability to view previous online donations.  There is an option to print individual donations for record keeping purposes.
How Can I Learn More About the Fund?
To learn more about the fund, please send an e-mail to or call Orange County Finance & Administrative Services at 919.245.2455.
Can I schedule a donation for a future date?
Yes. Whether making a donation from a checking/savings account or from a credit/debit card, a future payment date can be selected for your convenience.  
Scheduled transactions can be canceled at any time before the payment date, by accessing the “Scheduled Payments" screen.                    
I’ve made a donation. When will my transaction be processed?
Payments made with a checking/savings account and scheduled donations are processed at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time each banking business day for credit to your account on the next bank business day. Credit/debit card transactions are processed in real time.
What is the best Internet browser to use when trying to make an online donation?
The SunTrust Bank donation portal supports a variety of Web browsers and operating systems. 
We recommend using the Microsoft Windows version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when making an online donation.