Orange County to operate on three-hour delay on Friday; changes to curbside recycling announced

ORANGE COUNTY (January 18, 2018) -- Orange County Government will operate on a three-hour delay on Friday. Most offices and services will open at 11 a.m.

The county has taken great steps to clear the parking lots and entrances to county facilities, but icy patches could remain. Residents are asked to exercise caution when entering and exiting county facilities.

Changes in Curbside recycling announced

Curbside recycling collections will be running Friday and Saturday to make up Wednesday, Thursday and Friday routes, as conditions allow. Some side roads may continue to be inaccessible through the thawing and freezing period. If you are on these routes and your recycling remains uncollected, please leave your recycling at the curb (but not in the street) so that our drivers can continue to make up in the early part of next week.

For this collection cycle, curbside recycling collection staff will pick up excess material left outside the carts in rigid containers such as plastic crates, or a laundry basket. Do not use plastic bags. Please make sure that your recycling is not blocked by cars or any other obstruction.

Residents can also manage overflow, especially corrugated cardboard, by bringing it to one of the four 24-hour drop-off locations as conditions allow.