Orange County Health Department Receives Prestigious Accreditation Status

ORANGE COUNTY, NC – The Orange County Health Department is proud to announce it has once again been awarded accreditation status by the North Carolina Local Health Department Accreditation Board.  Accreditation is only designated to local health departments and districts that undertake and meet a series of standards outlined in current state statutes and administrative codes to ensure the protection of the health of the public.

The accreditation site visit team commended the Orange County Health Department for the Family Success Alliance community collaboration, which has made a significant impact to targeted, “high need” communities in Orange County, and the strong community partnerships with UNC Chapel Hill, the Orange County ABC Board, and the Town of Chapel Hill for the Community Coalition to Reduce High Risk Drinking, which addresses the growing problem of alcohol abuse among college students.

“We are pleased and excited the Health Department was recognized with state accreditation,” said Orange County Manager Bonnie Hammersley. “The accreditation process ensures the programs and services provided by the Health Department meet the needs of our community. It also assures the Health Department is accountable to the public and the partner organizations with which we work."

The current accreditation status is valid from 2017-2020.

About Accreditation


The focus of North Carolina’s Local Health Department Accreditation (NCLHDA) is on the capacity of the local health department to perform consistently in the three core function areas of assessment, assurance, and policy development and the ten essential services as detailed in the National Public Health Performance Standards Program. The program focuses on a set of standards that must be provided to ensure the protection of the health of the public, but does not limit the services or activities an agency may provide to address specific local needs. 

The program is comprised of three functional components:

  • An agency self-assessment, which includes 41 benchmarks and 147 activities
  • A two day site visit by a multidisciplinary team of peer volunteers
  • and Determination of accreditation status by the North Carolina Local Health Department Accreditation Board

The program process is adjudicated by an independent entity, the North Carolina Local Health Department Accreditation Board. Its members are appointed by the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The Accreditation Administrator (AA), within the North Carolina Institute for Public Health, serves by legislative mandate.

Accreditation is achieved by appropriately meeting a set of capacity-based Benchmarks as evidenced by documented completion of prescribed Activities. Benchmarks may be met by either direct provision or assurance (through contracts, memoranda of understanding, or other arrangements with community providers) of required services and activities.