Orange County Commissioners Elect Dorosin as Chair, Rich as Vice Chair; Marcoplos sworn in

ORANGE COUNTY, NC (December 6, 2016) - On Monday, December 5, 2016, during the annual Board organizational meeting, the Orange County Board of Commissioners unanimously elected Mark Dorosin as Chair of the Board of Commissioners for the year 2017. Immediately afterwards, Penny Rich was elected Vice-Chair, also unanimously.

Chair Dorosin was elected to the Orange County Board of Commissioners in 2012 and served as Vice-Chair in 2016.  Vice-Chair Rich was elected to the Board in 2012.

“Thank you to all my colleagues for that overwhelming show of support,” said Dorosin. “I will really do my best to make sure that we work efficiently and effectively and always moving forward.”

Prior to the organizational meeting vote, Mark Marcoplos was sworn in as a new Orange County Commissioner filling the seat vacated by Bernadette Pelissier.  Re-elected Commissioners Mark Dorosin, Renee Price and Penny Rich were also sworn in. 

Commissioners Mia Burroughs, Barry Jacobs and Earl McKee continue to serve on the Board. 

Additional information on the Board is available on the Orange County website.

All Board members may be reached using the single email address, .