Orange County advises residents to avoid outdoor burning because of dry conditions

With North Carolina experiencing a very dry autumn, state officials have implemented a burning ban in 47 counties. While Orange County is not covered by the ban, the area is very dry with no rain in the immediate forecast.

“We highly encourage everyone to refrain from any outdoor burning until conditions become favorable,” said Orange County Fire Marshal Jason B. Shepherd. “Additional fuel load from falling leaves, extra dry conditions and low humidity makes conditions very dangerous for outdoor burning. A sudden gust of wind could spread the fire out of control very quickly.”

Shepherd said that any citizen who elects to burn must take these precautions:

  • Constantly attend the fire until it is extinguished
  • Have approved fire extinguishing equipment, such as a minimum 4-A rated fire extinguisher or garden hose, available for immediate use

Orange County Emergency Services is closely monitoring and communicating with surrounding local and state agencies to determine our current fire threat. Follow Orange County Emergency Services on Twitter (@ocncemergency) or Orange County Government (@OCNCGOV) to receive immediate updates as they become available.

Questions regarding burning should be directed to the non-emergency telephone number at 919-245-6100. If you have an emergency or a fire gets out of control, please call 9-1-1.