Planning Department Invites Mobile Home Park Owners and Residents to Give Feedback on Proposed Temporary Residential Units (Recreational Vehicles) Ordinance Changes

Orange County Current Planning Staff invites mobile home park owners and other interested parties to meet with Staff to discuss and collaborate on potential revisions to its regulations on Mobile Home Park Conditional Zoning Districts to allow for temporary residential units.

On February 18, 2016, the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) directed Current Planning Staff to review current development regulations and discuss opportunities for allowing more flexibility with respect to residential development.  Staff recommended numerous ordinance changes including modifications to the existing Mobile Home Park Conditional Zoning Districts ordinance to allow for temporary residential units within mobile home parks, including RVs.

The proposed change accounts for the fact that RVs are not currently allowed in any zoning district.  The revised zoning district would be called the Home Park Conditional Zoning District.

This proposed amendment consists of the following provisions:

  1. Allows temporary residential units for up to 180-day occupancy;
  2. Balances the various state and federal construction standards for temporary and permanent units; and
  3. Promotes a wider variety of housing types in areas zoned for mobile home parks.

The goal is to revise existing development standards in an effort to encourage purposeful growth and development in a cost-efficient manner while promoting varied housing options. 

These meetings may interest mobile home park owners and other stakeholders who may own and/or live in these types of homes, or who may want to provide spaces for RVs and other temporary residential units for current and future residents.

Meeting Details

Planning Staff will be meeting with individuals and small groups on Tuesday, Nov. 29, and Wednesday, Nov. 30.  Please reach out to Planning Staff to schedule a meeting by contacting Patrick Mallett, Planner II, at (919) 245-2577 or

Planning Staff intends to present the revisions to the BOCC for approval at the Board’s Quarterly Public Hearing on Feb. 13, 2017.