Orange County Receives Award for Employee Safety

ORANGE COUNTY, NC (September 23, 2016) – Orange County was presented the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Workers’ Compensation Pool’s 2016 Safety Award on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

The recognition is for having the lowest number of claims per $1 million in payroll in the large county class. The County has been a long-term member of the NCACC Insurance Pool. In 2013 the County hired a full-time Risk Manager and a countywide risk management committee was formed. Safety committees have been activated throughout the county. Through the County’s partnership with the NCACC Risk Pool and the commitment of Orange County employees, the County has seen a significant decrease in job related injuries (a 23% drop since 2012).

The decrease in injuries and development of a countywide modified duty program has resulted in direct savings (claims cost) and indirect savings (lost productivity, overtime, etc.) to the NCACC risk pool and the County. Over the last three years, the County has experienced on average a 71% decrease in total incurred dollars for work related injuries, when compared to the three years prior to that period.