ORANGE COUNTY, NC (September 8, 2016) — On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 the Orange County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the “schedules of values”, a 244 page document explaining the revaluation calculations and process for tax appraisal.  The meeting will be held at the Southern Human Services Center, 2501 Homestead Rd. in Chapel Hill starting at 7:00 p.m. 

Copies of the document are available in the Tax Office, Clerk to the Board of Commissioners Office, the Orange County and Chapel Hill libraries and online at

At the September 6, 2016 Board of County Commissioners meeting, Dwane Brinson, Tax Administrator, updated the Board on the upcoming 2017 revaluation. 

North Carolina requires counties to conduct a revaluation – updating records to ensure local taxes are levied at a property’s current market value – once every eight years.  Orange County’s last revaluation was in 2009. 

In his presentation, Dwane Brinson, said as part of the process, the tax office first creates a “schedules of values,” based on all home sales in the county, except for foreclosed or distressed properties. Individual homes are judged on their exterior quality rating and the market value for similar homes.

 “There have been a lot of changes to the county’s tax base since 2009 but the economy is doing better now and houses are starting to sell for slightly over their currently assessed property values,” said Brinson.

Staff members are going to neighborhoods to research the properties. They have been reaching out to property owners to get their help getting the revaluation right, leaving yellow cards, seeking more information if needed. Many cards have already been returned. 

Short informational videos are available on the tax office website.

“We are making a concerted effort to collaborate with the community,” Brinson said, “as we realize input from the community is vital to producing an accurate evaluation of property.”  Orange County has an appeals process homeowners can go through if needed.  However, accurate valuations now will help reduce the possible need for an appeal in the future. 

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