Orange County To Receive 2016 Pelican Award for opposing offshore oil along NC Coast


ORANGE COUNTY, NC (July 18, 2016) Orange County has been selected to receive a 2016 Pelican Award from the North Carolina Coastal Federation for its September 1, 2015 resolution opposing offshore oil along the North Carolina Coast.

In its resolution, Commissioners stated that “Orange County is committed to being a sound steward of the environment and stands with coastal municipalities in their pursuit of prudent shoreline protection and preservation, reminding that exploratory and commercial drilling, extraction and the transportation of offshore oil and gas resources poses significant economic and environment risks.”  


On Saturday, August 6, 2016 the Federation will host a ceremony in Beaufort honoring the 33 local governments that passed oil resolutions.  The Pelican Awards annually recognize the effective work of people, businesses, non-profit groups, local and state governments and educators to improve environmental quality on the North Carolina coast.


In its resolution, The Board of Orange County Commissioners urged the General Assembly to “oppose offshore petroleum production policies that risk the health, safety and sound environmental stewardship of North Carolina’s coastline, whose natural beauty attracts a proven tourism driven economy.”