ORANGE COUNTY, NC (May 9, 2016)— Orange County has approved a new living wage policy that encourages all of its vendors and contractors to pay a living wage to employees who perform work pursuant to a contract with Orange County.

“Orange County is committed to providing its employees with a living wage and encourages all contractors and vendors doing business with Orange County to pursue the same goal,” said County Manager, Bonnie Hammersley. 

Orange County’s living wage is $12.76 per hour.  To the extent possible, Orange County recommends that contractors and vendors seeking to do business with Orange County provide a living wage to their employees.

Hammersley said that prior to final execution of a contract with Orange County, all contractors and vendors seeking to do business with Orange County will be asked to submit a statement indicating whether the employees who will perform work on the Orange County contract are paid at least the living wage amount.

If such employees do not make at least $12.76 per hour, the contractor or vendor will be asked to indicate in the statement the actual amount paid to such employees.  For bid projects, this statement would be submitted as part of the bid packet.

The county contracts out construction projects, home health care and internet services, among other things.

The policy is available at the link below.