ORANGE COUNTY, NC (May 4, 2016)— Orange County Animal Services, in coordination with experts in the handling and care of reptiles recommended by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, removed sixty (60) animals from the home of Ali Iyoob on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

Iyoob was bitten by a king cobra that he was keeping in his residence on the evening of Monday, May 2.  Animal Services has been working with the Office of the County Manager, the Sheriff's Office, the Office of the County Attorney, the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, the NC Zoological Park, and the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission since early Tuesday morning to coordinate the safe removal of the animals believed to be in Mr. Iyoob’s possession.

Staff from Animal Services, officers from the Sherriff's Office, and the rehabilitators recommended from the Museum of Natural Sciences arrived at the residence at approximately 11:30 a.m. to begin the process of identifying and safely removing the animals from the home, as authorized by a warrant granting authority to search and remove the animals.

A dog and cat were removed first and taken to the Animal Services Center a little after noon for care and holding.  The other animals at the residence were then carefully identified, evaluated, and labeled before being transferred into containers safe for transport.

A total of sixty (60) animals were removed from the house over the course of six (6) hours.  Those included eighteen (18) venomous snakes, sixteen (16) nonvenomous snakes, one (1) caiman, two (2) turtles, five (5) chickens, eight (8) baby chicks, four (4) quail, four (4) fish, one (1) cat, and one (1) dog.  Two of the sixteen nonvenomous snakes were constrictors.  The venomous snakes will be transported to a holding facility outside of Orange County arranged by the Museum of Natural Sciences.  The constrictor snakes will be held at the NC Zoological Park.  Native reptiles will be held under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.  The remaining animals will be taken to Animal Services until a determination for disposition can be determined by the court.

At this time, it is uncertain whether charges will be filed against Mr. Iyoob.