ORANGE COUNTY, NC (May 3, 2016)— Orange County Animal Services is currently investigating and working on a Monday-night incident involving a man who was bitten by a king cobra inside his Orange County residence. 

Staff members are working closely with the Sheriff’s Office, the Office of the County Attorney, the County Manager’s Office, and others about this case.  Animal Services is working with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and the NC Zoological Park to determine if there is a violation of NC General Statute.  If a violation is confirmed, Animal Services will coordinate with those organizations to identify, seize, and care for the reptiles.  If no state violation is present, Animal Services will work internally to devise the best plan for the removal of the snakes.  County ordinance does not permit the keeping of venomous or constricting snakes inside Orange County.

At this time, from the information received by others working on the case, Animal Services has no reason to believe there is a reason for public safety concerns.  Information received at this time indicates that all of the reptiles inside the residence have been secured and will be removed safely as soon as is possible given statutory and legal requirements.