Hillsborough, NC (April 22, 2016) –Orange County Commissioner Bernadette Pelissier has been named as the county’s 2016 Public Health Hero. Commissioner Pelissier was given the inaugural honor based on her years of dedication to public health issues in Orange County, North Carolina. Dr. Pelissier has served on a variety of boards and commissions as well as worked in the fields of mental health and substance abuse.

“Whether she is working on issues of environmental protection or homelessness, Bernadette always brings a health lens to the conversation. We have truly appreciated having such an amazing public health advocate serving as a county commissioner”, stated Dr. Colleen Bridger as to why Commissioner Pelissier was chosen to receive the honor.

A certificate was presented to Commissioner Pelissier at a small celebration for public health month at the Orange County Health Department.

Highlights of her most recent contributions to public health include serving on the following boards: Orange County Board of Health; Partnership for Young Children; the Family Success Alliance, the Partnership to End Homelessness, and GO Triangle. She also serves on the North Carolina Association of County Commissioner’s Steering Committee and the Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee.

About the Public Health Hero Award

The Public Health Hero Award is a recognition given by the Orange County Health Department during National Public Health Month to honor community members who champion public health causes in the county. 2016 is the first year the award was given. The Health Department plans to recognize a different individual annually.