Letters will be mailed the week of January 22 to residents in the unincorporated portion of Orange County who do not currently receive curbside recycling.  The letter will explain the implementation process, and will also include a very important return postage- paid postcard with the choice of “One Cart,” “Two orange bins” or “Neither.” 

Residents are asked to return the postcard no later than Monday, February 22, with their choice indicated on the card. 

If you live in the unincorporated portion of Orange County where curbside service is not yet available and you did not receive a letter, or you would prefer to sign up on-line, you can visit the “Rural Expansion Webpage” and fill out the on-line form there.       

If you are not sure if you are in the expansion area, there is a list of streets and a map of the expansion area on that same page.  

Residents can also contact the Orange County Solid Waste Management Office by calling 919.968.2788 or email to request a cart or bins.  All of the responses will be compiled in March to determine how many carts and bins the County should purchase. There is no additional cost to residents to participate fully in this program expansion.

Residents will only be able to choose one type of container, and their choice may be influenced by whether they can recycle on the road at the end of their driveway, if they need to take the container to an adjoining street, or personal preference.  These details can be found online and in the letter, but can also be discussed by calling or emailing the Solid Waste Management Office.

Delivery of the recycling containers and recycling collections will both start in July 2016. Orange County will only deliver containers to households that have requested them. 

Residents in the expansion area can request bins or carts even if they continue to bring their household recycling to one of the five Waste & Recycling centers.   It is Orange County’s goal to increase residential recycling, whether it is at the curb, or at a drop-off center.