Animal Services reminds pet owners about dangers of heat and pets in cars

ORANGE COUNTY, NC (June 29, 2018)— Orange County Animal Services reminds residents to be mindful of pets during the hot temperatures that have been registering already this summer.  The temperature for this weekend and upcoming week are forecasted to be over 90, and many days have been in the 90’s already this month.  Knowing the dangers for pets is a critical part of responsible pet ownership.

One of the biggest areas for concern is people leaving pets inside cars during summer months.  Temperatures inside parked vehicles can reach deadly levels in only a matter of minutes, even if parked in the shade and even with all the windows cracked.  In Orange County, it is against the law to leave animals inside a parked car if the outside temperature is 70 degrees or higher.  Because pets cannot sweat, their bodies cannot regulate temperature like humans, and they can go into irreversible organ failure that is often fatal in only a matter of minutes inside a car or other overly heated environment.

Other dangers are also present during extreme heat, including pets who do not have access to fresh water and shade.  Walking pets in these temperatures is not advised, as the heat can cause heatstroke and the pavement can cause quick damage to the feet of walked pets.  Temperatures of these kinds are even harder on senior pets and pets with medical conditions.

For more information on the dangers of hot cars, please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website.  The ASPCA also offers more general hot weather dangers for pets.