Find out if you can balance a county budget with our Balancing Act simulation

Interested in how Orange County puts together its budget? As part of the National County Government Month celebration, Orange County will host a half-day session Balancing Act: A County Budget Simulation, on Thursday, April 26. The session will begin at 4:30 p.m. in Room 230 of the Whitted Building. Registration is required. Priority will be given to students, but the experience is open to all ages.

BALANCING ACTParticipants will be divided into groups of five or seven, and each will function as a Board of County Commissioners. Each group will weigh the options and eventually vote on its final budget. Each board will have the option to increase, decrease, or maintain services and through these selections give your input on whether property taxes should be increased, decreased, or maintained at current levels.

This simulation exercise will provide an opportunity to identify what your service priorities and expectations might be for the County. In this simulator, participants step into the role of County Commissioner and decide what service areas you might want to make service level changes. Any increase or decrease that is made to a service level has an impact on required funding levels. For simplicity reasons any changes made in the simulator has a direct impact on the property tax rate; so an increase to service levels would increase property taxes and a decrease to service levels would decrease property taxes.

The primary duty for a Board of County Commissioners is to adopt the county budget each year. State law requires counties to adopt balanced budgets by June 30 (the county fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30). A county budget reflects the Board of Commissioners’ service priorities.

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