Frequently Asked Questions

How are families selected to participate in the Holiday Program?

Why do some families go to the Toy Chest and others are Sponsored?

When will I receive my family's information if I am sponsoring?

The sizes don't seem appropriate for the child's age, what should I do?

How much money should I spend on the family?

How should I bag/box up the gifts for my family? Should I wrap them?

The child asked for a video game, how can I find out what gaming system the child has so I can buy him a video game?

What do teens like to receive?

Should I get training wheels on the bike?

Should I provide a helmet for the bike/scooter/skateboard?

Instead of purchasing a new bicycle for my sponsored family's child, can I give them my child's used bike?

What if I decide that I can't provide the gifts after I have received the family information?

They asked for DVD's. Should I get a DVD player as well?

Can I talk to the family or deliver the gifts to the family?

Can we get specific information about the mother or father to buy him/her something personal?

My teen group wants to volunteer at the Toy Chest.  Do we have to stay with them?

How old do volunteers need to be?

Do I have to sign-up to volunteer or can I just show up at the Toy Chest?