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“United Way of the Greater Triangle is changing leadership. What that means for its (and your)giving.” By Zachery Eanes of the Durham Herald-Sun, June 2017


Harlem Children's Zone Visit
 - Aviva Scully, Zone 4 - My Thoughts Before Visiting the Harlem Children's Zone  May 2015
 - Bernadette Pelissier, County Commissioner - Reflections on our Visit  May 2015
 - Rosemary Deane, ESL Teacher/ Family Support Specialist, New Hope Elem. - Reflections May 2015
 - Melvyn Blackwell, Family Success Alliance Staff Member - Reflections May 2015
 - Reyna Rivera, School Social Worker, Carrboro Elem. - Reflections May 2015
 - Meredith McMonigle, Family Success Alliance Project Coordinator - Reflections May 2015
OCHD  Family Success Alliance


- Orange County kids need us more than ever, by Dr. Colleen Bridger 8/24/15
- It's time to close the achievement gap, by Jake Henry and Sheldon Lanier 6/13/15
- Introducing the Family Success Alliance, by Dr. Michael Steiner and Mark Dorosin 12/13/14

Press Releases
Kindergarten Readiness Camps Bring Significant Learning Gains (11/1/16)
- Students at New Hope Elementary School Get Books on Break (6/7/16)
- FSA Kindergarten Readiness Program Shows Promising Results in First Year (10/19/15)
- Report Shows Orange County Has Longest Life Expectancy But that Doesn't Tell the Whole Story (5/9/15)
FSA Sets Initial Direction to Focus on Kindergarten Readiness and Family Literacy (4/21/15)
- Orange County's FSA Holds Priority Setting Meetings for Zone Communities (4/6/15)
FSA Selects Two Zones for Cradle to Career Pilot Program (12/16/14)

- WHUP 3D News - Family Success Alliance feature (5/30/17)
- WCHL Non-Profit Showcase - Family Success Alliance feature (6/3/17)