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 Program Staff



Coby Jansen Austin, Director of Programs and Policy
Phone: (919) 245-2070
Meredith McMonigle, Project Coordinator
Phone: (919) 245-2071
Melvyn Blackwell, Community Outreach Specialist
Phone: (919) 245-2404 
Kristin Prelipp, Communications Manager
Phone: (919) 245-2462 
Allison Young, Informatics Manager
Phone: (919) 245-2409


Zone Navigators


 Zone 4


Angela Clapp, Zone 4 Navigator

Phone: (919) 695-2158
Bio: My name is Angela Clapp and I am a Zone 4 Navigator. I am a mother of four handsome young men and education is vital to me and my children. Because of that, I have the same motivation for all the families in the Family Success Alliance organization. The reason I am so moved and emotional about this organization is because they gave me a chance to show the world what I know about low income families and their struggles and disparities.  I was a mother that was in that situation where I didn’t know where our next meal was coming from or even how I would be able to pay my bills from month to month. I decided to make steps in my community and help others in low income life situations get in touch with resources that can assist their family. Family Success Alliance opened a door for me and my family that for so long I thought was closed. I want to say thank you for this opportunity to provide my skills to others within Family Success Alliance.
 Angela Clapp

Alizarina Rojas, Zone 4 Navigator

Phone: (919) 695-5982
Bio: I am Alizarina Rojas and I am proudly from Puebla, Mexico. I work in Zone 4 as a zone navigator. I have been living in Orange County for the last 12 years. As a DREAMER (Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals) I understand the struggles that our families have to go through in order to succeed in this Country. The Family Success Alliance is great new program that wants the success of our kids and their families, and that’s my personal goal as well. This is why I like working for the Family Success Alliance; where our community comes first.
 Ali serious - Copy

 Zone 6


Mariela Hernandez, Zone 6 Navigator

Phone: (919) 695-6969

I am Mariela Hernandez, Zone 6 navigator for the Family Success Alliance I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. I have lived in Carrboro/ Chapel Hill for ¾ of my life so I consider myself from NC. I am a proud parent of three very busy kids 15, 12 and 8. As a parent I know the importance of being involved with my kids and their school activities. I am known in my kids' schools as one of several go-to parents that can provide assistance to other parents who might be having some trouble. When I heard of the Family Success Alliance and their goal of assuring all kids in Orange County have the opportunity for a healthy, safe and productive life from the day they are born until they go to college, I was all in for the project.

As I was growing up my parents were unaware of support around them for several reasons. Because of language barriers and lack of transportation, we sometimes fell through the gaps. So my goal is not to have any of our community kids fall through these gaps and give them a chance to be successful and thrive in their education and career because they are “OUR FUTURE AFTER ALL”.

P.S. Our collaborative agencies are the some incredible groups in our area. A big HIGH five to them!!!!

 Mariela Hernandez

Beatrice Parker, Zone 6 Navigator

Phone: (919) 695-2271
Bio: I’m Beatrice Parker Zone 6 Navigator, where my children attend school and I am excited to be partnering with families! Once I heard about FSA, I knew I wanted to join an organization dedicated to helping children and families succeed. As a mom, I understand how important education, stability and community support is to the well-being of children. I want my children, and their peers to achieve academic success. My dream for the families in my Zone is that we have a 95% or higher percentage of all our children going to college. 
   Beatrice Parker