Help grow a new generation of farmers!

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As a farmer and / or a landowner in Orange County you have a unique opportunity to help encourage young and beginning farmers build economically profitable and  personally rewarding farm related enterprises in Orange County.

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Farm owner / Landowner with land to sell or lease

New farmer seeking to buy or lease land to farm

Are you a...

  • New farmer looking for land
  • Established farmer looking for land to expand
  • Farmer and / or landowner looking to lease or sell farmland
  • Retiring farmer wanting to keep their land in agricultural production
  • Farmer looking to fill farm manager or apprenticeship positions, or to mentor a new farmer
  • Non-profit organization or municipality looking for farmers for farmland

If yes, then consider filling out the forms at the top of this page or contact Mike Ortosky at 919.245.2330 for additional information. 

Selected Farm Link / Farm Transition Planning Resources

***The following information is provided for your information only.  Consult YOUR attorney.***

Lease Considerations for Land Owner and Tenant

Sustainable Farm Lease
Sustainable Agriculture considerations