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Current Properties for Auction

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In Rem Foreclosures

To be held at the Orange County Courthouse Steps,
106 E. Margaret Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278


  • Properties sold may be subject to IRS Tax Liens, City/County Taxes for any years not covered under our judgment, and other restrictions of record.
  • It is your responsibility to research and obtain information regarding the property, prior to the sale.
  • The deed description may include portions of land that have already been sold off by the current owner and are NOT subject to the sale.
  • If a bidder fails to follow through with their winning bid, the bidder will forfeit the deposit and the property will be resold. If the next bid is less than the original winning bid, a default judgment will be entered against the defaulting bidder for the loss.
  • THIS IS A BUYER BEWARE SALE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. WE OFFER THE PROPERTIES ON A 'WHERE IS' AND 'AS IS' BASIS. THE COUNTY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OF WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. IT IS THE BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO INVESTIGATE THE PROPERTY PRIOR TO BIDDING.  Anyone considering buying property at a tax foreclosure sale should be aware that   there is a risk.The County does not guarantee or provide any warranty.
  • It is your responsibility to research and obtain information regarding the property, prior to the sale!!  It is important to note that the deed description of the property or properties contained in this ad may or may not be the exact description of what is actually being sold.  The property to be sold is that property contained in the deed description SAVE AND EXCEPT ANY CONVEYANCES OF RECORD.  In other words, the deed description may include portions of land that have been sold off by the current owner, portions that are NOT subject to the sale.
  • It is the High Bidders responsibility to check on the status of his/her Upset Bid with the Orange County Clerk of Court.
  • Notice of Upset Bids will be mailed by first class mail in accordance with NCGS 1-339-64: however, we advise you to check the status of current bids REGULARLY during the Upset Bid process.

The Orange County Tax Collector uses the In Rem method of foreclosure, in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 105-375. Foreclosures are held throughout the year. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department conducts each sale at the courthouse steps located at 106 E. Margaret Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278. The Notices of Sale are advertised for two weeks prior to the sale in the News of Orange or in the Chapel Hill Herald. The highest bidder at public sale shall be required to pay IN FULL (not make a deposit) the amount of the successful bid at the conclusion of the execution sale (subject to the confirmation of the sale as by law provided). The successful bid amount shall be paid in cash or certified funds (payable to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department). The Sheriff’s office may, in its discretion, determine and allow a reasonable time within which to deliver the successful bid amount to that office. The successful bidder shall also be responsible for the payment of any excise tax due to the Register of Deeds office, and all recording fees at the appropriate time. There is a ten (10) day upset bid period in which the high bid may be upset by filing an Upset Bid with the Orange County Clerk of Court. The Upset Bid must be in cash or by certified funds in an amount greater than or equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of the Upset Bid but in any event not less than seven hundred fifty ($750.00) dollars. This Upset Bid must be filed with the Orange County Clerk of Court by 5:00 P.M. on the tenth day after the filing of the Report of Sale. If the tenth day is a Sunday or a legal holiday or a day which the office of the clerk is not open then the deposit may be made the following business day.  After the ten day upset bid period expires successfully with no upset bid made the Order of Confirmation is filed and the Orange County Sheriff will execute a Non-Warranty Sheriff’s Deed. The total amount of the upset bid in full is due upon delivery of the Sheriff’s Deed.  If you have specific questions regarding foreclosures in Orange County or regarding a particular property please contact Valerie Curry, Deputy Tax Collector for Orange County at 919-245-2732 or

Properties for Auction
The properties listed below are scheduled for sale at the next ORANGE COUNTY Tax Foreclosure Auction, due to unpaid property taxes. Each Tax Foreclosure Auction takes place on the steps of the ORANGE County Courthouse located at 106 E. Margaret Lane in Hillsborough, NC, rain or shine.

Below is a list of properties currently being foreclosed: All are sold subject to 2016 AND/OR 2017 taxes that are not covered under this judgment.                

Real Property Sales

  • Currently there are no properties for auction.

Mobile Home Sales

  • Currently there are no mobile homes for auction.