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Revaluation Resources

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Below we have provided resources you may want to use as you learn more about the 2017 Revaluation.

Orange County Real Estate Dataprovides detailed information about your property, its characteristics and a property sketch.
Online GIS - view aerial maps, review parcels by neighborhood and review other map layers that may impact your property.
Address Related Information (ARIES) – search for services specific to a property’s address.

2017 Reappraisal Schedule of Rules, Standards and Values - PowerPoint presentation to Orange County Board of Commissioners on 9-6-2016. 

If you are interested in viewing a geographic map of your property, additional details are provided below to make the search and identify process easier.  Through the Online GIS link above, you can locate your property, view aerial photography and an array of different information.  Should additional questions arise through your use of the Online GIS, please give us a call at 919-245-2100 or live chat with us.

How can I find information on properties?
Start your search with Land Records/GIS. You can choose from the list of interactive links to find information. You can use the property tax ID, subdivision, address or owner's name to obtain the information. Or use the interactive map. On the top left of the search page is a URL that takes you to the map. Search tools are located on the left and the map layers on the right. The default tool is zoom-in. On the map go to the area where the property is located and click down on the left mouse button, holding the button down. Move your curser up and to the right of the area forming a box. Release the mouse button and it will zoom in. The closer you go the more map layers are turned on. On the layers you will see that a black dot has appeared next to the Parcel layer. When you see the property that you are interested in, click on the identity tool (the middle right tool that is a black dot with the letter i). Then click on the property and the information will pop up in a new window. The property on the map should turn yellow indicating it has been selected. If you want more information click on the Summary menu choice on the orange banner above the map. Click Here and accept disclaimer information to go to the search page.

Where can I find a property by its address?
The best place to start your search is the Address Search web page. On the Address search menu choose Find Addresses by Street Name and choose the street name from list. A list of addresses from that street will display for your choosing. Address Search Page 

How can I get a map of my property?
There are several ways to get a map of your property. Come to the Land Records office in Hillsborough and a staff members will assist you in printing a map. A recorded plat of your property can be obtained at the Register Of Deeds office. You can also print one from the Internet. Click Here and accept disclaimer information to go to the search page.

How do I find/determine who controls zoning for a particular property/parcel/lot?
Contact Planning and Inspections for zoning information.

How can I get GIS map coverages (layers)?
We are able to put shapefiles and coverages on cds or dvds. You can call us at (919)245-2504 to get pricing and media format options.