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Land Records/GIS

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Land Records/GIS is responsible for maintaining property information used in public inquiry and legal research. Land Records/GIS uses public documents to create and maintain the official index of property ownership in the County. Land Records/GIS handles the geographic information systems for Orange County.


  • Addresses are obtained by contacting the addressing authority for each address jurisdiction. In the County jurisdiction your new address is assigned when you apply for a building permit or when your road name changes. You can call the following numbers to obtain information on new or existing addresses:
    • Orange County (919) 245-2500
    • Carrboro (919) 918-7328
    • Chapel Hill (919) 969-5089
    • Hillsborough (919) 296-9471
    • Mebane (919) 563-9990
  • Road Naming and Addressing Ordinance Information
  • Road Naming and Addressing Ordinance (PDF)
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